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MBuzz: Growing Your Business on Tik Tok

August 26, 2022

Fill Me In:

Tik Tok is the fastest growing social media platform with an anticipated 1.5 billion active users by the end of 2022. The platform’s short form video content has taken the world by storm with the average user spending over 52 minutes a day on the app. With 66% of Tik Tok’s user base being under 30, the platform has been become an ideal landing spot for brands to reach a younger demographic. Tik Tok has also been shown to be an effective driver of sales for businesses, with 49% of users saying they purchase products that they saw on Tik Tok.

What People are Saying/What this means:

To reach this growing audience, many brands are utilizing Tik Tok advertising. The platform offers a variety of ad formats that allow brands to include a CTA and landing page on their ad. To maximize the return on Tik Tok advertising, brands must make their content Tik Tok specific. For instance, commercial quality footage used in advertisements actually underperforms as compared to more casual iPhone camera footage. In addition, it is extremely important to catch your viewer’s attention quickly, as 63% of high CTR ads put their message/product within the first 3 seconds of the video. Across the platform, the most successful influencers and creators employ this tactic by creating attention-grabbing content that keeps viewers locked in on their videos. In fact, leveraging influencers on Tik Tok is an extremely effective way to achieve ROI. Employing an influencer to create content showcasing your brand can produce creative that fosters more trust with consumers than a company produced ad and drives 35% higher ROI on average. Also, this can expose your product to the influencer’s following and related targets via the algorithm.

Mbuy POV:

If your upcoming campaign goals include reaching a Gen Z or Millennial audience and your value proposition can be explained quickly in a video, Tik Tok is the ideal place to grow your business. The key to success on this platform is to leverage their audience targeting to find your target market, use engaging content for your ads that catch the viewer’s attention quickly and utilize influencers to build social proof and reach new audiences. Conquering Tik Tok may seem daunting to some advertisers, as it is relatively new and tailored toward a younger audience. However, taking the time to understand the platform and the algorithm can grow your brand at an exponential rate. Just don’t forget about us when you go viral.