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Meet the GM

September 26, 2017

Ryan Saurer joins MBuy from Boost Media with an extensive advertising background, having worked for media companies in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.  Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge from his time at Ziff-Davis, DoubleClick, and Google.  We are enormously excited to have Ryan leading our Media Operations and Sales teams, and asked him a few questions to get to know him more:

What do you find exciting about the future of advertising?

It’s both exciting and daunting to know that advertising is consistently evolving, and I’m always energized by knowing that we’re helping to shape that direction.  I also believe that we’re moving toward more of an industry-wide meritocracy, where an individual’s performance is just as, if not more important, than past experience.   

What are the key changes you’ve observed while working in the ad/media space?

Wow, there have been so many changes in the last 20+ years, it’s hard to mention just one.  The biggest change I’ve seen is that consumers’ expectations have increased as technology and targeting have improved.  Consumers EXPECT to have custom-tailored search results, relevant display and video ads, mobile-optimized experiences, crowd-sourced reviews at their fingertips, and accurate maps, and that’s just the digital world.  Still, amidst all this change, the value of building brand awareness hasn’t changed, but the advertiser expectation for measurement and accountability has, and rightfully so. Staying ahead of both customer and advertiser expectation has required some massive, fundamental changes within our industry.

What keeps you up at night?

Literally, my three kids keep me up at night, my youngest in particular, but more seriously, I mentioned the daunting challenge of staying in line with and ahead of both customer and advertiser expectations, and that keeps me up.  I also realize that as fast as technology moves, ideas move faster.  Staying focused on keeping great ideas ahead of technology and not the other way around is important to me because ideas come from people, and the MBuy team is our #1 asset.  We can’t meet and exceed our clients’ expectations without good people. 

What does MBuy do that others don’t?

For a team of our size (less than 50 people) we have a tremendous amount of expertise in all types of media.  Combine that with our best-in-class technology, including our Everychannel Management Platform, and we have the people and tech to provide our partners with the best service our industry has to offer.  We pride ourselves on providing individualized strategies and tactics for every partner, as well as optimizing on the fly to help each advertiser reach and exceed their goals.  Also, it’s important that we deliver on what we say we’re going to do, because I do feel our industry has an unfortunately high promises-to-performance ratio.  I can honestly say we take pride in our follow-through and dogged approach to solving problems, and that’s a large part of what attracted me to MBuy in the first place.

With Ryan leading the charge, our clients and agency partners are assured of receiving top-notch service and results in an increasingly complex media landscape.