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Connecting Brand Awareness to Campaign Success: The Case for Digital Video

Most advertising professionals agree that the marketing funnel (while one of the most elementary concepts) is still a relevant tool for campaign success today. By creating brand awareness that is eventually fostered by engagement strategies, the consumer is encouraged to take action. Yet, if you ask most advertising clients what their primary goal is, they’ll say revenue – and rightfully so.  

Interactive Creative within the Tourism Space

At the International Powwow (IPW) in Washington DC this past June, hundreds of Destination Marketing Organizations and attractions gathered to discuss the trends in Travel and Tourism. While the primary focus of the conference was not media, it was clear that every DMO in attendance understood the importance of showcasing their brand. Exhibitors leveraged brand identity and creativity to transform expo booths into anything from kayak stands, to wine cellars, sandcastles, and campfires. 

Media Hybrid: The Key to Convergence

The Automotive Industry is on track to spend an estimated 9.94 billion in advertising in 2017 with a compounded annual growth rate of 13.7% through 20201. Historically, the majority of paid advertising has gone towards traditional channels and budgets remain heavily skewed this way. As media consumption evolves to garner reach, advertisers need to avoid neglecting the lower funnel channels that are influenced by the upper funnel channels where media begins to converge.

Event Highlights: Ad Age Small Agency 2017

MBuy is a longtime sponsor of Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards because we believe small agencies have big ideas and deserve acknowledgement and a platform to learn and grow. This year MBuy was provided the opportunity to deliver opening remarks for the event. Addressing current challenges in the space, our VP of Analytics, Neha Misra delivered a well-received discussion speech on how agencies can leverage convergence to transition from project to AOR status.

Breaking Out of the Transaction Zone

Even before the glory days portrayed by the characters in Mad Men, advertisers used agencies for access to the best content, collateral, and media plans. Yet, what they are truly looking for is the strategy behind the curtain that brings all these disparate devices together into a cohesive marketing approach.

We are currently in an era where businesses have increased access to the technology and tools that allow them to create and manage media internally. However, DIY creative and media strategies often generate more of a mess than an impact.