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MBUZZ: What advertisers need to know about “Threads”

On July 6, Meta launched their newest platform, “Threads.” Within the first four days, the app acquired over 100 million sign ups. When a user downloads and signs up for Threads it is through their Instagram account, and all of their followers and data roll over, avoiding the “cold start” issue many other social platforms face. Will Threads take over X (Formerly known as Twitter)? 

MBuzz: Unfriended: Is It Time to Move on From Facebook Ads?

Recent news beyond the marketing realm has been painting Meta (Facebook’s parent brand) in a bad light. There have been rising concerns from investors regarding CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s insistence on committing to the Virtual Reality world coined the Metaverse. However, public opinion has been teetering towards apathy towards the new technology, leading to concerns for the tech leader’s direction and future.