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Introducing our Performance Marketing Division

March 30, 2022

For 12 years, MBuy has provided media planning, buying & optimization services across digital & traditional channels helping brands reach their target audience across relevant media. As the media landscape has evolved, MBuy has curated its service offering to meet the lower funnel needs of brands and advertisers. That is why I am pleased to announce the launch of our new Performance Marketing Group.

MBuy’s Performance Marketing Group includes some of the industry’s leading experts in search engine marketing, and we are excited to offer a comprehensive suite of paid search services as the anchor to this new division. Some of the core services encapsulated within our performance marketing team includes, but is not limited to keyword bid management, quality score optimization, creative and ad copy development, A/B testing and more! The dedicated search engine capabilities are layered with our best-in-class and proprietary EMP reporting and data visualization, along with a transparent pricing structure which is a standard for all MBuy services.

Our team of experts recognize that the paid search landscape is constantly changing, from the way targeting is leveraged to how keyword match types work. As such, our team is continually evolving our recommendations and best practices in order to align with search engine algorithm updates in addition to media consumption changes. The recommended tactical setup for a client today may very well change in the next week, month, 6 months, etc. The only constant in this industry is change, and we keep our ears to the ground so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.

I am confident you’ll see an improvement in your paid search outcomes when working with MBuy. As such, we are providing a completely free assessment of your existing paid search efforts for eligible partners. This free assessment provides a level-set with where you are today, where gaps may be, and also where the opportunities for incremental efficiencies lie. Jumpstart your optimization schedule and enhance the maturity of your Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts. See if you qualify for this free assessment today! Visit our performance marketing hub and contact our team today!