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Retail media is an advertising strategy which prompts retailers to set up advertising platforms within their own digital networks. This allows them to advertise their own products on their website. By the end of 2023, retail media advertising spend is projected to hit $45.15 billion, which will be a 20% increase in revenue compared to 2022. Here’s what advertisers need to know. 

From billboards to newspaper articles, to radio commercials: traditional media has long been the backbone of B2C advertising. In our digital age, it’s hard to see where these traditional forms of media fit. It is clear that traditional media isn’t going away any time soon, and advertisers are now finding ways to incorporate traditional channels in tandem with digital placements to create well-rounded media approaches.

On July 6, Meta launched their newest platform, “Threads.” Within the first four days, the app acquired over 100 million sign ups. When a user downloads and signs up for Threads it is through their Instagram account, and all of their followers and data roll over, avoiding the “cold start” issue many other social platforms face. Will Threads take over X (Formerly known as Twitter)? 

Starting on July 1 of this year, every individual who makes use of Google Analytics will have to transition to GA4, as their original accounts will no longer collect data. Now is an imperative time to properly install GA4 and compare that data to UA. Sound daunting? Our DSP team is eager to help!

With less and less cookie permissions available on popular advertising sites, we dive into solutions for advertisers. As the world continues to venture away from cookies, first party data will become increasingly valuable. The platforms and vendors that own vast amounts of accurate and reliable first party data will see advertisers swarming to their platform. There are other, more creative ways advertisers are circumventing privacy changes, but first party data is the most reliable and consistent way to achieve results. 

Recent news beyond the marketing realm has been painting Meta (Facebook’s parent brand) in a bad light. There have been rising concerns from investors regarding CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s insistence on committing to the Virtual Reality world coined the Metaverse. However, public opinion has been teetering towards apathy towards the new technology, leading to concerns for the tech leader’s direction and future.

One of the biggest challenges digital advertisers face in 2023 is managing the rising costs of paid search campaigns.

Tik Tok is the fastest growing social media platform with an anticipated 1.5 billion active users by the end of 2022. The platform’s short form video content has taken the world by storm with the average user spending over 52 minutes a day on the app.

The desire to travel is stronger than ever due to the rise in Next-Gen travelers. Next-Gen consists of 151 million Millennials and Gen Z-ers with $350 billion in spending power in the United States.

Major Companies are becoming more proactive regarding the environmental and social effects that arise because of their business operations. In an ever-changing landscape, consumers are opting to do business with brands that are transparent about their environmental and social impacts and take initiative to mitigate them.