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Media Hybrid: The Key to Convergence

The Automotive Industry is on track to spend an estimated 9.94 billion in advertising in 2017 with a compounded annual growth rate of 13.7% through 20201. Historically, the majority of paid advertising has gone towards traditional channels and budgets remain heavily skewed this way. As media consumption evolves to garner reach, advertisers need to avoid neglecting the lower funnel channels that are influenced by the upper funnel channels where media begins to converge.

MBuy's VP of Media Operations, Meghan Grienenberger, discusses her predictions for 2016 with MediaPost

Mediaocean On Acquisitions And Media Convergence in 2016

by Tobi Elkin for MediaPost

RTBlog checked in with ad tech software firm Mediaocean for thoughts on 2016. Bill Wise, CEO, and Meghan Grienenberger, VP of Media Operations at MBuy, a division of Mediaocean, weighed in with predictions.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and the Digital GRP

Marketers have long struggled to find a common measurement between television and digital. With the introduction of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, marketers are presented with a highly accurate method to identify and measure the true audiences exposed to online ad campaigns utilizing a combination of Nielsen panel data with aggregated, anonymous demographic data from online data providers.